Why Choose ITS

To understand our mission, it is important to learn how ITS came to be.

Working in a variety of pediatric settings, it became evident that quality outpatient services within the home were underserved.

We found that many of the children who do not qualify for Early Intervention Services (EI) not School-based Therapy Services still continue to have difficulty with fine motor skills, big muscle movements, and/or speech and language delays. As parents, we empathized.

As therapists, we understand that a child must be at his her/her best in order optimize learning at school and interact with the environment. ITS therapists have heard time and time again that parents felt “silly worrying about small issues,” but knew they could not rest until they had the opinion of a professional therapist. We understood that if we could provide peace of mind in the privacy of your home, then we would provide a service unlike any other.

Infinite Therapy Solutions provides:

Convenient flexible scheduling for working parents/caregiversarrowOptimization of personal attention with 1:1 therapy
Parent/Caregiver training with our Explain and Train Model
Family and Therapist collaboration
Goals centered on enabling the child’s functional navigation throughout the communityTHE POSSIBILITIES ARE INFINITE